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Rakija (fruit brandy) arrives at the Balkan peninsula with the Turks in the 14th and 15th century despite Islam’s prohibition of drinking alcoholic drinks. The name “rakija” originates from the Arabic word “al-rak” which means “sweat”, and when the procedure of its production is taken into account, the name suits it perfectly. There are many alcoholic drinks in the world with the name rakija and they are mainly made from fruit. The advantage of our brandy over others is in the specific aroma and full flavor which is obtained thanks to high quality fruit and traditional way of distillation. Serbia has been well known for the production of rakija since the 19th century. It is interesting that the first type of rakija that was drunk here was honey brandy. Rakija is traditionally produced through distillation of mixture of ripe healthy fruit that has been fermented. It goes through the process of distillation twice, by which so called mild brandy is produced after the first distillation, and double distilled brandy after the second distillation.